Mars H1 ASIC Miner

What is Mars H1?

Mars H1 is perfect for mining Handshake as it's several times faster than the fastest FPGAS, it is simply the most powerful device ever to mine Handshake(HNS)

What are the specs?

Hashrate: 80GH/s
Reference Power: 2000W±10%
Target Crypto Currency: Handshake (HNS)
Mining Algorithm: BLAKE2b + SHA-3
Hashrate: 80GH/s
Power Supply Type ZP2
Network Type Ethernet
Working Temperature 0℃-40℃

How can I order mine?

Here's the preorder website:

When does it ship?

Early June


  1. Are there any hosting options available? A: Yes, please contact admins

  2. Who is the manufacturer? A: Hummer Miner Company Name / Reg no: HONG KONG FORTUNE HOLDING GROUP LIMITED Website of manufacturer: Address, contact details: 2101, Haowei Science & Technology, Gaoxin South 8th Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen GuangDong 518057

  3. Is there a warranty ? for how long ? A: All products have a 180-day warranty period (from the date of delivery) and the warranty service is only available for customer who choose hosting service or in the mainland China.

  4. Where can I get support if ASIC does not start up when it arrives ? or if there is a problem after a month/two? A: Customer service inquiries will be solved by our admins at the 6block telegram group.