How to use 6miner at

Posted 4 yrs ago

6miner is a very powerful miner for Nvidia and AMD GPUs, it's built by the 6block team and has support for Handshake (HNS). By using OpenCL we support both AMD and Nvidia GPUS.

6Miner performes faster on most GPUS tested. It is a direct competitor of Handyminer which is also a very good miner.

After we've created our mining username at, it's time to start mining!

Install GPU Drivers

In order to mine Handshake, you will need to have your GPU's drivers installed in your computer. 6miner works with both AMD and Nvidia cards, here's how to install the drivers: 

Nvidia GPU


Here's a very good tutorial on how to install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu:‐nvidia‐driver‐ubuntu‐18‐04 

Arch: sudo pacman -Sy nvidia cuda


Download the Nvidia Drivers for Windows from here:

Make sure to select your Windows version and GPU model.



Here's the official AMD tutorial for installing amdgpu‐pro on Ubuntu and CentOS: https://amdgpu‐ 

Ubuntu: please make sure to download from this link, Version 19.50 is recommended as it'll support up to the 5700XT (aprox 240mh hashrate).‐pro‐19.50‐967956‐ubuntu‐18.04.tar.xz


Download from here:

Make sure to select your GPU and Windows version.

Running 6miner:


  1. Download 6miner from

  2. We've downloaded the windows version from the list (64bit only).

  3. The 6miner Windows binary causes Windows Defender and other antivirus software to throw warnings, do not worry, these are just false positives.

  4. You can go ahead and allow the 6miner software to run

  5. Make sure to edit the mine_hns.bat file

  6. Change the SET_ADDRESS= variable, and set it as shown below: NOTE: Please make sure to set your mining username here, this link will show how to create your mining username if you haven't done so.

  7. Time to mine some handshake!, now that you're done editing the mine_hns.bat file, you can go ahead and double click on it. You'll be able to see your own hashrate on the miner dashboard as well as on


  1. It's easier to configure and launch 6miner on Linux, you can download from the same URL as the Windows release: please make sure to choose the Linux version

  1. Decompress and edit the file, here's what you need to change:

2.1 Remember how we created the mining username in the [previous tutorial?]( this is where you need it ^

  1. So, after editing and changing "donate" for your username, let's mine some Handshake!

    Now that you've edited the file, you can go ahead and launch it (from the terminal) type: ./ and press enter