How to mine at

Posted 4 yrs ago

Here's a quick how to for getting started and mining on the pool

  1. Go to, you'll be greeted with this landing page:

  1. Click on "Register" on the top right of your screen

  1. Enter your email and your password, confirm and then click on Register.

  1. After you register, click on the top right of your screen again, and go to "settings" again.

  1. This is the passport center, as you can see above, you need to verify the email used to signed up. Please click on "verify", you will get a verification email. After clicking on the link received, you'll see the screen below:

  1. After verifying, we need to proceed to enabling 2fa, this is for security reasons and it's the only way to mine at, Google Auth is recommended.

  1. Once we've enabled 2fa, we can finally proceed to creating our miner account, click on "mining accounts", choose your username and click on "submit".

  1. You can choose your preferred miner, here are the options:

    1. 6miner

    2. HandyMiner

  1. Now we've pointed our miner towards 6block and using myawesomeminer12 as username. Please remember to only use your mining username on your miner's config, if you set it to something else, you may not mine at all or simply mine for someone else.

  1. We can now see our miner showing up in the dashboard and getting it's first HNS ! Please remember that only Available HNS can be withdrawn, those marked as Immature haven't been confirmed on the blockchain yet, once they are confirmed, they will become Available. All this happens automatically and you as a user don't need to do anything here.

  1. Please create a Namebase account to allow for HNS withdrawal from Withdrawals are automatic and will take place every minute (Namebase addresses only until block 2016 when transactions are enabled on the Handshake blockchain).

Happy mining!